Artsit Statement


No matter what I may be curious about or investigating as an artist, I will always be painting.

My current work is about influence and connectivity as I have been thinking broadly about the concepts of time, speed and memory. I have recently begun incorporating video into my practice, using the videos I make of everyday activities as a resource for my paintings and drawing. I am interested in mark making and documentation as well as how human beings perceive, interact with and effect our environment through the power of biology, technology and design.  

 I am beginning a new page in my artistic development that is allowing me to expand my fields of inquiry and material investigations. I am looking at the work of Robert Bordo, Miko & Thayer and investigating time-based practices of On Kawara. The fascinating potential of new and emerging technologies combined with more traditional media allows my work to cross 2-d boundaries into participatory experiences. 

My work in progress, shown above, consists of paintings and video documentaries of my everyday commute. The video is sped up and looped. It is exhibited with a button, so the viewer may interact with piece, pausing the video when the button is pushed.  In these pieces, I explore video and painting as a relevant medium to express the relationships between human perception and the technology used to document it. Each piece represents one month of the year from October 2017 – October 2018.  

I am developing my working style around the concepts of intention, discipline, and intuition. I paint the environments I document by focusing on an idea with the intent of translating it into a painting. Discipline is critical to keep this focus and bring the art to life. I begin by planning the size of the canvas. In this work the canvas references the size of the windshield. The next consideration is color and then movement as I make decisions about composition. As the paint is applied the intuition that flows become the language the painting will use. I am committed to using to fullest advantage the form and nature of my work to communicate my ideas.